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celmrs free fr münchenstein

able to remain, and accomplish much for the cause of Christ. 27, coin, Less prem. By erecting suitable chapels and school rooms wherever needed. Gulick's enterprise thus far at Chang- kia-keu, (Kalgan.) They are living in their own hired house, not without opposition, but with hope of permanence.

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The distinguished missionary,. In this same speech, the Bishop of Oxford gives his views as to the poverty of the Hawaiian people : " The means of livelihood in these distant islands he says, " are abundant, but then life is supported almost upon nothing. 847 and its annual meetings. Greene's sch., Turkey, li,50 ; Cincinnati, 6th pres. The Society for the Propagation of the Gospel maintained, in whole or in part, something like four hundred missionaries, but what number had these four hundred to work for? " The salaries paid to the missionaries are thirty-six pounds ster- ling each, and it is, this year, so difficult to raise money, that we feared difliculty in making it out; for it does not come i small monthly or occanonal sums, nor at all. In its general accuracy, completeness, and practical utility, the work is one which iibn« t6ho can read ot write can henceforward afford to dispense witkJ Atlantic MotUhly, November 1864. Letters published in the March number of the Record of the Presbyterian Church of the Lower Provinces, do not represent matters as promising. On the China Missions :. Seneca mission, 12, 154; annual survey, 12; monthly summary, 154.

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Site de rencintre les site de rencontre en belgique gratuit 2.60; Stod- dard, cong. Lstter from MR, bells.
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celmrs free fr münchenstein Lester, 10 ;. At least fow-jijihs of all the school books published in this conntiy oWh Webster as their standard, and of the remainder, fcrw acknowledge anj standard. A native preacher, 15,59; Kensington, Cong. Ballantine, Henry.,. A few extracts from the letter will be given. Mack, 10 7,176 :t6 LegcuHei.

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Clamssa Bbbck- untiDGK,. 5 55 ' Shirland, Cong. Lbttba rsoatiyb tbaohbb AT ahmiu). 46,88 ; Ladies* for. 50 539,32 ; Steams chapel,. At the commencement of the Scriptures we read of sacrifices and altars ; and in the Apocalyptic wonders which conclude the inspired canon, we read of elders and living beings worshiping before God's throne, and the infinite choir of harpers sending forth their everlasting melody. 18 ; Philadelphia, Calvary pres. Loomis, 6 00 Fairfield. This announcement was accompanied with the declaration, that " it is contrary to their the Prudential Committee's general principles to interfere with other missionary societies." The Board gave its approval to that action and affir- mation.

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Thus in ten years they increased in India three-fold and much more rapidly in some other lands. Fifty copies of the Life and Labors. Shbdd has special superYision of the work in the mountains, where he spent the last summer. WeUs, 1 00 Putnam, Fres. Please ask the students of, if they would have great fear for the church in such an event. How many times during the day have I wished that some dear Christian friends, from Christian lands, wre with me, to help me enjoy what I am enjoy- ing, to see and hear what I have seen and heard. They saw how he wrote to the Corinthians, and how constantly he had to tell them of many remaining faults and shortcomings ; and j-et he had accomplished among them a work of the most blessed kind. 12 50 Longmeadow, Cong. At the same time, I should do injustice to my own self-estimation, and might be regarded as thinking more highly of myself than I ought to think, did I not make large abatements for the too partial judgments of my friends. Wir freuen uns auf all unsere UnterstützerInnen und heissen Sie herzlich willkommen! Curtis says, " The mission has never before looked so promising to me as at present. Bawson, Jasper,. Herrick's sch's, Con- stantinople, 50 ; NEW jebsey. 6ii 00 Kingsville, Pres. Pratt in the * Herald.' When taken in season they do not fail to work well, but the native doctors pre- judice the people against them. Spalding, Walker, and Eells, felt constrained to abandon ilmaista puhelinseksiä seksiseuraa seinäjoelta their stations, witJi their families; and in consequence of various hindrances, such as Indian wars, the unsettled state of the country, c, their work has never been resumed. Acquérir votre propre fonds de commerce vous permettra en effet de ne plus payer de loyer, ce qui est un atout conséquent. 20 00 Dettoit, A friend, 15 00 Kalamazoo,. 51 contains his opinion, that the American mission had exerted an unfavorable influence on the morals of the Hawaiian people ; an opinion he is reported to have uttered, in stronger language, in at least one oftis addresses while in the United States. 25; Gxoton Bank, Cong. I came back, also, deeply impressed with the thought, that we should do more, as mis- sionaries, to bring forward, develop, train and use the native Christians. Thus, in a most unlooked for and provi- dential manner, I was enabled to go to Istanos armed with an order from the Government for the punishment of the persecutors. Marquand, New York,. Even allowing for a considerably larger income during the latter than in the earlier months, the receipts up to the 1st of January should have been in the vicinity of 150,000 to promise an easy and pleasant ending of the year's accounts. From the church, the band came to our house, where they took some refresh- ments, and then, under the command of their gallaqt Capt Davenport, they marched out, playing for their farewell, " Sweet Home." All went on board that evening, and the next morning. ' His reply was : " Though I walk throhgh the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for Thou art with me ; thy rod and thy staff they comfort." Two or three times, when we were not there. On his return he found some weeping, ethers much disturbed. Biggs says : * One of the elders wrote me a note on the morn- ing of their departure, in which he said : * Our Saviour is truly making us glad ; but this is not the greatest gladness. The mission brig was totally wrecked on a reef in the Tonga group, in November last, while conveying missionaries to the District Meeting.

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